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U By Kotex Extra Thin Flexible Liners X 20

U By Kotex Extra Thin Flexible Liners X 20

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It's perfectly normal to have days where, even if you're not menstruating, things feel less than fresh down there, but with U liners, no one need know. They're also great if you just want a little extra protection while using tampons.

xtra-thin unscented
Unscented, these are great for everyday freshness, and so thin, they feel just like your knickers (well, maybe not as frilly).

the comfort factor
These unbelievably thin and breathable liners are designed to feel just like your knickers.

the clever factor
The only 2 in 1 liners that can be used on both normal knickers and G-strings.

the cool factor
Individually wrapped and packaged in a convenient drawstring bag.


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