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TriShave 3 In 1 Anti-Rash Shave Creme 100g

TriShave 3 In 1 Anti-Rash Shave Creme 100g

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Why 3-in-1?
It is a complete skin maintenance regime in one tube - for shaving, moisturising and cleansing. Specifically designed to help prevent skin irritation caused by shaving.

1. Pre-Shave: Cleanses skin and softens facial hair for a close comfortable shave.

2. Soothing Shave: Extra protective layer reduces friction, minimises ingrown hair, helps prevent shaving rash.

3. Moisturiser: Leaves skin feeling soft and looking re-hydrated and healthy

Skin friendly ph/No animal fats/no soap/no sodium laurel sulfate
WITH soft conditioners, Australian Tea Tree essential oil and Lavender
Essential oil known for their anti-bacterial qualities. Independently tested by Dermatologists with a proven success record of helping prevent shaving rash.

Who benefits:

* Problem solver for men with sensitive skin or / and acne prone skin.

* No more 5 o'clock shadow for men with heavy beards: TriShave's softening agents make frequent shaving gentle on the skin.

* Health conscious and anyone who wants healthy looking skin.

Non-aerosol tube packaging is ideal for frequent travelers: compact for your shaving kit. And will not hold you up with air-port security.

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