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Caruso's Natural Health Ultra Max Cranberry Complex 30000mg Tab X 90

Caruso's Natural Health Ultra Max Cranberry Complex 30000mg Tab X 90

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UltraMAX Cranberry
What causes Urinary Tract problems?

Urinary Tract problems are most common in women, but older aged men and children can also encounter problems. Urine is normally sterile, which means it doesn't contain any bacteria, fungus or viruses. Urinary Tract problems are often caused by germs (micro-organisms).

Usually this bacterium gets into either your bladder or urethra (the tube that connects your bladder to the outside of your body) and infects your urine. It appears these germs go from the skin outside through the urethra up into your bladder.

As a woman's urethra is only about 4cm long, the bacterium only has to go a short distance to the bladder to cause an infection.

These problem bacteria are normally kept under control by your immune defences and natural gut flora, as well as the passing of urine which can help flush out the germs.

Here are some factors that may contribute to Urinary Tract problems in women:

*High sugar diets
*Irritation from feminine hygiene spray
*Irritation from sexual intercourse
*Poor immunity
*Use of irritant chemicals (detergents and spermicidal for birth control)
*Use of irritant contraceptive devices (e.g. diaphragms)
*Vaginal dryness
*History of urinary tract infections
*Sexually transmitted diseases

Did you know that resistance to medication is increasing with common urinary tract bacteria? This means that the more often medication is used to treat Cystitis - the more resilient the bacteria becomes. This ultimately creates cases of Cystitis that eventually will become very stubborn and difficult to get rid of, which is why you need a proven natural approach. Clinically proven approach

Scientifically formulated UltraMAX Cranberry is designed to provide you with relief from Cystitis and its unpleasant symptoms. UltraMAX Cranberry contains a massive 30,000mg of high quality Cranberry plus other important immune boosting nutrients.

Cranberry is a natural ingredient which has been clinically proven to not only relieve you of Cystitis and its unpleasant symptoms but also to significantly reduce the risk and frequency of Cystitis occurring.

Cranberry contains an active ingredient called proanthocyanidins and these are potent antioxidants which may reduce free radical damage that can occur to cells during Cystitis. In fact, these potent antioxidants provide a flushing/cleansing mechanism 5 and help to detoxify the urinary tract and help to get your urinary tract back on track!

UltraMAX Cranberry contains immune boosting nutrients!

UltraMAX Cranberry also contains vitamins and a mineral which all play key roles in helping you to overcome Cystitis, prevent it from reoccurring, boosting your immune system and protecting against cellular damage which may occur.

Vitamin C is included within this formula to assist in the maintenance of collagen and connective tissue thus aiding in cellular integrity. Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant and helps to support the production of energy. Zinc is also included within this formula as it aids in normal functioning and structure of cells. Zinc is beneficial for healing and aids in the normal healthy functioning of your immune system.

UltraMAX Cranberry also contains Vitamin B6. Recurrent urinary tract infections can occur if your immune system is weak or not functioning at 100%. Vitamin B6 deficiency is directly related to a suppressed immune system.

Vitamin B6 is a crucial vitamin for the immune system as it plays a key role in the production and secretion of white blood cells and antibodies. Antibodies are proteins made from white blood cells. They are produced by the body to protect itself from foreign substances such as bacteria or viruses. Together, they are an integral part of the army that fight infection and reduce the incidence of infection.

Clinically proven increased absorption and utilisation

UltraMAX Cranberry also contains an ingredient called Bioperine, a patented extract of Piper nigrum. Bioperine has been called the 'Natural Bioavailability Enhancer' and has been clinically proven to increase the absorption and bioavailability of some herbs and nutrients by up to a massive 62%.4 For example, Bioperine has been clinically proven to increase the absorption of Vitamin B6 by 39% - Vitamin B6 is vital for immunity and fighting infection and is found within this formula.

Bioperine has been shown to work in three ways:

*By increasing blood supply to the GI Tract
*Increasing the emulsifying content of the gut
*Increasing active nutrient transport

Combined, all of these ingredients make the potent UltraMAX Cranberry formula highly effective for the relief of Cystitis and the building of a stronger immune system. You can feel confident that UltraMAX Cranberry is delivering you more of the therapeutic ingredients for greater benefit, and providing you with faster relief.

Active Ingredients
Each Capsule contains:
Vaccinium macrocarpon (Cranberry) Equiv to dry 30,000mg
Zinc amino chelate 75mg
Equiv. to Zinc 15mg
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 100mg
Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) 45mg
Piper nigrum (Fruit) 90.1mg
Equiv. to Piperine (Bioperine) 5mg


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