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SUPER SPROUT Blueberry Powder 80g

SUPER SPROUT Blueberry Powder 80g

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SUPER SPROUT Blueberry Powder 80g

Giving you the healthful benefits of blueberries all year round. Super Sprout Blueberry Powder solves the short season and difficult access to fresh blueberries with their 100% pure blueberry powder.

Blueberry is one of the richest sources of anti-oxidants and vitamins. Super Sprout uses only highest quality Australian-grown blueberries to produce its blueberry powder. The blueberries preserve all their nutrients through a natural freeze-dried process, including anti-oxidants carotenoids and flavonoids, vitamins C, E and A, minerals selenium, zinc and phosphorus. With no additives, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Super Sprout Blueberry Powder gives you the delicious goodness and nutrition of blueberries any time of the year.

How to use

Blueberry Powder can be sprinkled over fruit salads, yoghurt, even ice cream. It can be used in baking (delicious added to muffin or cake batter!). It gives a great nutritious boost to smoothies and shakes.

Product Ingredients

Blueberry powder.


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