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SUP Inner Glow Collagen 40 Gummies

SUP Inner Glow Collagen 40 Gummies

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SUP Inner Glow Collagen Gummies

It’s time you turn the way you think about beauty upside down, or perhaps inside out (see what we did there). Collagen is one of the key building blocks of our skin. However, as the years go by our body’s natural production of Collagen reduces and we start to see those dreaded signs of ageing.

Sweetener (malitol, sorbitol), Collagen hydrolysed, Gelling agent (gelatine), Water, Bulking agent (wheat starch), Acidity regulator (331, 330), Natural Flavour, Glazing agent (coconut oil, carnauba wax), Colour (160d).

Take 3 gummies daily.


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