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St John First Aid Kit (Medium Leisure Kit)

St John First Aid Kit (Medium Leisure Kit)

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Be equipped to treat a range of injuries with this all purpose St John kit. Loaded with quality St John first aid supplies, this kit with fold-out pouches keeps contents organised, providing easy access in an emergency. Perfect for family and personal use - from a day at the beach or a BBQ at home, through to holidays, camping and adventures in the playground.

Contents of Kit:
2 X Bandage Crepe Heavy Duty 10cm (Support Bandage)
1 X Bandage Crepe 5cm (Support Bandage)
2 X Bandage Crepe 7.5cm (Support Bandage)
1 X Tape Hypoallergenic 2.5cmx 9m (Secure Dressings)
2 X Bandage Triangular 110x 110cm (For slings, padding etc)
1 X Cold Pack Instant Disposable (Reduce swelling/pain)
3 X Swabs Gauze 7.5cm 3 pk (To aid wound cleaning)
2 X Pad Combine 10x 10cm (Bleeding Control)
2 X Pad Non Adherent 7.5 x 10cm (Wound Cover)
2 X Pad Eye Sterile (Emergency Eye Cover)
10 X Swabs Alcohol (Clean instruments)
1 X Scissors SS Sharp/Blunt 12.5cm (Cut dressings/bandages)
1 X Forceps SS Splinter Pointed (Removing Splinters)
1 X Blanket Emergency Shock (Retain Body Warmth)
1 X Pins Safety 12 PK (Secure Wound Cover)
1 X Notepad & Pencil (Record Vital Information)
1 X Specimen Bag Biohazard (Waste/Severed Parts)
5 X Aerowash Eye /Wound

15ml (Eye/Wound Irrigation)
2 X Primapore Dressing 8.3cm x 6cm (Wound Cover)
1 X Adhesive Strips Plastic 50 PK (Minor Wound Cover)
1 X Splinter Probes Disposable 5's (Removing deep splinters)
10 X Swabs Antiseptic (Clean skin/wounds)
2 X Burnaid Sachets 3.5g (Soothes Minor Burns)
1 X Stingose Sachets 3ml 5 PK (Soothes bites/stings)
2 X Glove Disposable Nitrile Large Pair (Hygiene)
1 X Guide Emergency First Aid (Easy Read Book)
1 X Resuscitation Protection Shield (To aid resuscitation)


Suitable for all purposes including home, car, playground, outdoors, holidays, garden, caravan & camping, boat, sport and off road.

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