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SOCOCO Coconut Oil 250ml

SOCOCO Coconut Oil 250ml

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SOCOCO Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 250ml

There are a number of ways to extract coconut oil, and it is the extraction process not the growing process which affects the quality of the oil. It simply doesn‰۪t make sense to use fertiliser or chemicals on coconut palms which grow so well without them.

The majority of coconut oil is made using copra, which is the dried meat of the coconut. Typically it is dried either in the sun or by smoking the meat above smouldering coconut husks. A better and increasingly popular method is to heat it over a large metal plate that has the husks and shells burning underneath. This reduces the contact with smoke but does still allow for heat impact and open air contact. Both of these methods can then cold-press the dried meat to extract the oil, however the smoke etc is also extracted giving the oil a possible tallow tinge or sediment, indications of impurity.

Sococo spent 2 years researching production methods at the University in Bali, before settling on then refining the cold and wet pressed method. In this process the nuts are opened, the meat extracted, shredded and pressed into milk within 30 minutes of the coconut being opened. The milk is then stored in vats at slightly above room temperature 35 degrees where the oil moves to the bottom of the container and the cream to the top. After a few hours the tap on the bottom of the container is opened and the oil filtered. The cream is then centrifuged to further separate the oil; this is then added to the filtration mix.

Sococo - The Present

Midway through 2008 Yayasan Indo Jiwa (LEAP) handed over the management of the coconut oil factory to their fully trained local staff. Now two families who had survived the Tsunami and earthquake own a fully functioning business and have the skills to sustain it. They also employ 15 staff.

However, the ‰Û÷Social Business‰۪ concept doesn‰۪t end at that point. The local management team are committed to donating 50% of their profit to the Hinalo and Asu Island learning centres to cover the wages of the locally trained educators and sustain the centre. The extent of the project doesn‰۪t end there, Sumatera Oil is the direct market for this factory, subsequently distributing the oil around the world, in bulk and under their label: Sococo. Sumatera Oil donates 30% of its profits to Yayasan Indo Jiwa (LEAP) who are an aid organization committed to empowering people in this remote region.

Product Ingredients

Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Key Benefits:

100% Pure Coconut Oil
GMO Free
Absolutely Chemical Free
Unsmoked (Non Copra)
Unbleached, Unheated
Partially Centrifuged
High in Lauric Fatty Acid
Gluten Free
No Cholesterol
No Trans Fats
Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans
Not Certified Organic


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