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Silence Anti-Snoring Spray 50ml (OUT OF STOCK)

Silence Anti-Snoring Spray 50ml (OUT OF STOCK)

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Long Lasting Action

Snoring can have a negative effect on you, which is why Silence presents the next generation anti-snoring product.

*Silence - helps from the first night
A special diffuser delivers the unique mousse which coats the throat tissues and lubricates the pharynx mucosa walls.
this reduces the vibration of the soft palate and the related snoring noise.

*Silence - long lasting
SILENCE remains active while you sleep due to its special formula

*Silence - special taste
Has a pleasant fresh mint taste

Instructions for use:
At bedtime, shake the can vigorously. First spray the back of the throat well for 1 second. swallow. Then spray a second time for 1 second. Swallow again.


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