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Schick Intuition Cartridges Sensitive Skin X 3

Schick Intuition Cartridges Sensitive Skin X 3

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Product Information

The first all-in-one razor to hit the market has been improved to give you a closer more comfortable shave.

The NEW & IMPROVED Intuition Plus Sensitive is the only 3-in-1 razor that lathers, shaves & moisturises in one easy step. Now with 4 blades and enhanced moisturising solid for noticeably softer skin.

Don't compromise on looking good, simplify your life with a one step shaving solution to fit your beauty regime.


- Now with 4 blades for improved closeness.

-Wire wraps for improved safety & less irritation.

- Enhanced lubrication shape, with increased maneuverability and comfort. -Giving you noticeably softer skin with every shave.

- I ntuition Plus Sensitive is gentle on the skin, fragrance free & hypo allergic.

- Intuition still lathers, shaves and moisturises in one easy step and moisture Care Kit is enriched with shea butter for smooth moisturising results.

- Improved refill blades with skin conditioning solids are available in; Sensitive, Milk & Honey & Shea Butter formulas.

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