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Sapoderm Medicated Antiseptic Soap X 3

Sapoderm Medicated Antiseptic Soap X 3

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Sapoderm is a medicated, antiseptic soap for clean, clear healthy skin. Sapoderm contains pure coconut extract for natural cleansing and triclosan which lays a protective shield on the skin that helps fight bacteria. Triclosan also gives you all-over odour protection and the creamy lather prevents the skin's natural oil from being absorbed. Sapoderm thoroughly cleanses blocked pores and removes excess oil film and restores natural oil balance to the skin leaving you with fresh, clean and healthy looking skin. ""

Contains coconut extract - for thorough, natural cleansing
Triclosan protects skin and builds resistance to new infection
Provides all over odour protection
Creamy lather
Skin feels fresh and healthy
Cleans blocked pores
Removes excess oils
Restores natural oil balance
Pleasant fragrance

Sapoderm is a medicated antiseptic soap for healthy skin.

Daily use in the shower or bath allows the Triclosan to give you an all-over protection. Use in the bath, shower or hand basin in place of soap.

Avoid eyes. If irritation develops discontinue use.

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