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Reclens Multi Purpose Solution 2 X 500ml (With Lens Case)

Reclens Multi Purpose Solution 2 X 500ml (With Lens Case)

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Each Reclens MPS bottle comes with a sealed tip. Please remove the safety ring and screw the cap tightly on the cone. This will pierce the tip and the bottle is ready for use. The pin in the cap will serve as the stopper after the first use.

Cleaning - Place the contact lens on the palm of your hand. Follow instructions from your optometrist. For permanent lenses, rubbing gently both sides of the lenses with few drops of Reclens MPS is required to remove biofilm (protein and lipids) deposits.

Rinsing - Rinse both sides of the lens thoroughly with Reclens MPS for 5 seconds to remove debris.

Storage - Place your contact lens in the case filled with fresh Reclens MPS solution. (Soak for at least 4 hours).
Rinse your contact lenses every time with Reclens MPS prior to insertion. Discard the solution in the case and wash the lens case clean and air dry, including the covers.
Change your lens case at least once every three months.


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