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Quality Health Macula Guard 60 Tablets

Quality Health Macula Guard 60 Tablets

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Quality Health Macula-Guard Support healthy vision, eye function and the macula pigment density of the eye.
Relieves eye strain and visual fatigue.
Supporting the macula region of the eye is important particularly as we get older, it is the macula area at the back of the eye which maintains our central vision and ability to see detail.

Directions for Use
Take 2 tablets a day.

Ascorbic acide (Vitamin C) 250mg
D-alpha Tocopheryl acid succinate (Vit E) natural 200IU 165mg
Zinc oxide 49.8mg (equiv zinc 12.5mg)
Cupic oxide 1.25mg (equiv to copper 1mg)
Targetes Erecta (Marigold) etx equiv dry flower std lutein ester calc as lutein 5mg
Zeaxanthin 1mg.


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