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POWERbreathe Classic Inspiratory Muscle Trainer - Sports Performance

POWERbreathe Classic Inspiratory Muscle Trainer - Sports Performance

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What is POWERbreathe?

POWERbreathe is an inspiratory muscle trainer. Inspiratory muscle training (IMT) trains the muscles we use to breathe in and has been proven over many years to be successful.
POWERbreathe offers a hand held portable method of training the inspiratory muscles and has been scientifically proven with more than 12 years of dedicated research carried out at Loughborough University and Birmingham University, two of the UK's Leading Sports Science Universities.

POWERbreathe is a drug free, Class 1 Medical Device.

How Does POWERbreathe Work?

POWERbreathe works by incorporating a level of resistance against the inward breath. Whilst whole body activity provides a training stimulus for the inspiratory muscles (Coast et al, 1990) this is not an ideal method of training or maintaining optimal function of these muscles in atients or older people.
In much the same way as you can use dumb-bells for muscle building, so too can the inspiratory muscles. Resistance training of the inspiratory muscles is easier than it sounds; in its most simple term:- it involves breathing repetitively against an inspiratory load

POWERbreathe = Just 30 breaths twice a day

Sports Performance

Everyone who takes part in sporting activity wants to be physically prepared. For the elite athlete this means honing every component of their physical makeup to perfection. But there is one vital component of the exercise system which may not be gaining full potential and which ground breaking scientific evidence suggests has a profound influence upon the performance of the overall body.

Why POWERbreathe Sports Performance?

POWERbreathe Sports Performance offers the highest level of pressure threshold resistance in the POWERbreathe range of products. As with the other models, the Sports Performance features an adjustable spring mechanism. The adjustable loading mechanism allows progressive training ensuring achievement of an optimal training programme. Not only does POWERbreathe improve breathing and performance, but using POWERbreathe as a specific respiratory warm-up also boosts your inspiratory muscle performance.
Research has shown that a standard warm-up fails to prepare the inspiratory muscles for the rigours of exercise (Volianitis et al, 1999) but by using POWERbreathe in conjunction with the normal warm-up, it ensures that every part of the body is primed and ready to go! Laboratory trials show that a POWERbreathe warm-up significantly improves rowing performance and reduces breathlessness in competitive rowers (Volianitis et al, 2001).

Who Can Benefit?

Research shows that specific inspiratory muscle training using POWERbreathe improves the efficiency of the inspiratory muscles (Sharpe & McConnell, 1998). Studies have also shown that time trial performance improves in elite rowers (Volianitis et al, 2001a) and cyclists (Romer et al, 2001a) by as much as 4.6% That slashes almost 3 minutes off a 40km cycling time trial, and gives a winning margin of more than 60m in a 2000m rowing race! Using the tried and tested principles of resistance training POWERbreathe 'overloads' the inspiratory muscles to improve their strength, power and endurance (Romer et al, 2001b).

Athletes and Exercise Induced Asthma

A lot of athletes, especially skiers and runners, get exercise-induced asthma. Just the smallest indication of asthma can mean the difference between first and second to an athlete. Is it therefore simply that athletes are aware of this condition when other people may overlook it? Or maybe it is the level of exercise that athletes attain that highlights asthma. Whatever the reason, an athlete with asthma can break through that barrier between First and Second by using the tried and tested, drug free POWERbreathe as an integral part of their training.
Did you know that many Olympic gold medal winners have been asthmatic and have suffered from exerciseinduced asthma?

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