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Pigeon Softouch Peristaltic PLUS Wide Neck Teat - SS Flow (1 pack)

Pigeon Softouch Peristaltic PLUS Wide Neck Teat - SS Flow (1 pack)

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Pigeon's New and Improved Peristaltic Teat, result of 50 years of extensive research and development.

Softer tip and firmer base - to resemple mother's nipple.

Textured Surface and wider 'muffin top' base - allowing and promoting a correct latch on.

Improved stretchability, sucking fossa fitting tip and anti-collapse structure - to allow Baby's natural peristaltic movement while feeding.

Wider Air Valve System - to prevent colic and promoting a smooth and steady sucking rythym.

4 Sizes, starting from SS to L  - evolving with your Baby's needs in terms of quantity of flow and rythym in sucking.

SS - 0+ Months - Extra Soft base and super small round hole. For babies who spend most of their time sleeping and feed a little at a time. (Nipple tip=12mm diameter)

S  - 1+ Months - Medium Soft base and small round hole. For babies in a feeding routine, who drink a set amount, a number of time a day, gulping milk whithout pausing. (Nipple tip=13mm diameter)

M - 3+ Months - Medium Soft Base and small Y cut. For babies who start holding their head up and look around while feeding, stopping for a few seconds to start again. The self-regulating Y cut prevents milk from dripping in Baby's mouth when Baby's is not sucking. This prevents accumulation of excess milk in Baby's piriform fossa, at the back of their mouth.

L  - 6+ Months - Soft Base and wider Y cut. For babies who are learning to sit up and turning, observing the world around them while drinking their milk quickly and smoothly in one go. A wider self regulating Y cut to allow baby to have the exact flow they need at all times.


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