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Phyto Soya Cap X 60

Phyto Soya Cap X 60

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The Phyto Soya range of products contains soy extract (from the Soy Bean) which is rich in isoflavones (natural plans or phyto-oestrogens).

Isoflavones are similar to female hormones and help to adjust ageing imbalances.

Phyto Soya Capsules have been specially formulated for women during and after menopause.åÊåÊ

Phyto Soya is extracted from the isoflavone-rich soya seed germ and is standardised using modern techniques to deliver a clinically relevant constant isoflavone dose.


One capsule twice daily will assist with symptoms associated with hot flushes (up to 8 per day).

If you have more severe symptoms then starting on 2 capsules twice per day in the first month of treatment is recommended


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