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Pharmacy Care Denture Adhsive Cream 60g

Pharmacy Care Denture Adhsive Cream 60g

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Pharmacy Care Denture Adhesive Cream, strong hold and lasts all day
Product Type : Denture Adhesive
Instructions : Before using clean dentures thoroughly using the Pharmacy Care Denture Cleaning Tablets. For upper denture, squeeze short strips (5 - 10mm) of the Pharmacy Care Denture Adhesive Cream along the grooves and down the centre line. For lower denture, squeeze one or more thin strips (5 - 10mm) in centre of groove. Apply sparingly, be careful not to overuse. Press denture firmly into position and hold for a few minutes until set. Wait at least 5 minutes after applying before eating or drinking. The Pharmacy Care Denture Adhesive Cream may be used on wet or dry dentures. Do not apply cream near edges of dentures. For best results squeeze tube from bottom and keep cap on tube when not in use.
Storage & Disposal : Store in a cool dry place
Warnings : Keep out of reach of children. Dispose of responsibly. Keep tube opening clean and dry. Replace cap after use. Do not squeeze directly into mouth. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes. Retain outer pack for complete information

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