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Normacol Natural Fibre Plus Laxative 200g   (OUT OF STOCK)

Normacol Natural Fibre Plus Laxative 200g (OUT OF STOCK)

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Helps keep you regular. Normacol plus granules (gluten free) are designed to provide bulk in the bowel where its needed and not in the stomach. This avoids the feeling of fullness or bloating which can occur with some gel-forming products.

Normacol plus granules contain sterculia (a natural fibre product) and frangula (a natural gentle laxative). Sterculia is a vegetable gum obtained from the karaya tree. Sterculia has the advantage of providing fibre in a form that does not produce flatulence and wind commonly associated with other types of fibre. Frangula is a traditional herbal laxative. Together these two ingredients act by providing dietary fibre and additional laxative effect to bring natural relief from constipation.

Place dry granules in your mouth in small quantities if necessary. Swallow granules immediately with plenty of water or cool drink without chewing. 1-2 heaped teaspoonfuls taken once or twice daily after meals or as directed by the doctor. Reduced dosage may be given to children (6-12yrs) as directed by the doctor. If you do not have a bowel movement after taking the granules for 4 days you should stop the treatment.

Active Ingredients:
Sterculia 62%
Frangula Bark Powder 8%



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