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Nicabate Soft Gum 2mg X 96 Pieces

Nicabate Soft Gum 2mg X 96 Pieces

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For on-the-spot help to manage cravings that pop up unexpectedly, choose Nicabate Mint Gum. Chewing will help you keep your mind off smoking, and the gum is easy to carry wherever you go.


If you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day, you'll need Nicabate 4mg Mint Gum. If you smoke less than 20 cigarettes a day, use Nicabate 2mg Mint Gum.

* To start with, chew one piece of gum whenever you have the urge to smoke (you should begin with between 8 and 12 pieces a day).

* You should then be able to reduce the number of pieces you use gradually, to just one or two pieces a day.

* Following the step-down programme in this way will let you gradually wean yourself off nicotine so you can quit for good.

If you're not ready to give up smoking straightaway you can also use Nicabate gum to help you cut down before stopping completely. This is called the Nicabate 'reduce to quit' approach.

How does 'reduce to quit' work? Your body craves a certain amount of nicotine every day. By replacing some of your cigarettes with Nicabate Gum, you allow your body to get used to less cigarettes, whilst you get used to the idea of giving up for good. Once you are comfortable with the gum, you should gradually decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke until you are only using the gum. Once you have stopped using cigarettes, follow the Nicabate Gum step-down program to help you quit smoking for good.åÊ


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