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Nexcare Tegaderm Dressing 101mm X 120mm (Large) X 4

Nexcare Tegaderm Dressing 101mm X 120mm (Large) X 4

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Product Benefits:

* Convenient, all-in-one sterile dressing reduces application time.

* Waterproof bacterial barrier which means it can be worn in the shower or a pool

* Breathable transparent dressing facilitates easy monitoring of wound thus requiring fewer dressing changes.

* Provides moist wound healing environment to enhance healing and lessen pain.

* Comfortable dressing, that stretches with the skin to promote longer wear time.

Suggested Applications:

* Protects minor cuts, scrapes, burns, blisters and post surgical incisions.

* A protective cover on reddened or fragile skin.

* Dress or secure tubing.

* Cover and protect Steri-Strips.

* Can be worn in the bath or shower.


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