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Nexcare Max Hold Waterproof Knee & Elbow 6 Pack

Nexcare Max Hold Waterproof Knee & Elbow 6 Pack

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Always read the instructions & use strictly as directed. All injuries should be assessed & diagnosed by a qualified health professional.

Common Uses

Max Hold Waterproof bandages for up to 48 Hour hold.
Don’t let a cut, scrape, or blister slow you down. Live your life to the max with Nexcare™ Max Hold Waterproof Bandages. Ready for any adventure, the bandages hold securely for up to 48 hours even while you’re hiking, skateboarding or rock climbing. Tough but discreet, Max Hold Bandages flex, contour, and seal out water, dirt, and germs with every move.


Polyurethane, Latex Free


1. Clean wound thoroughly.
2. Pull wrapper apart.
3. Grasp end tab and peel strip off wrapper. Apply to wound. Press firmly. Strip will not stick if repositioned.
4. Remove paper frames at openings (see illustration).
For easier removal, gently grasp edge and stretch away from wound.

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