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Neat Feat Heel Cups Lge

Neat Feat Heel Cups Lge

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Neat Feat Orthotics Heel Cups, Large.
US Female 8 to 9, US Male 10 to 12.
Proven effective treatment for feet.
Relieves painful heel discomfort, arthritic joints and shin splints.


Slip cups into the heels of your shoes. Wear daily.


Neat Feat‰۪s Orthotics innovative EVA-Cushioning Heel Cups let your feet and lower back sign with relief! This deep cup design maintains the shape of your heel and stabilizes it while adding comfort from heel pain and fatigue. The EVA-Cushioning construction allows the heel cup to compress with each step to absorb shock/ EVA-Cushioning Heel Cups are the ideal solution to heel pain, help spur syndrome, and other discomfort. They also relieve arch, ankle, leg and back pain from every day heel strike.

- Relieves painful heel discomfort and heel spurs.
- Gives comfort and relief from foot fatigue.
- Reduces painful neck aches and lower back pain.
- Relieves arthritic joints and shin splints.

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