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Neat Feat Footcare Geniune Pumice

Neat Feat Footcare Geniune Pumice

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General Information

This is a simple regular process to follow to maintain your feet in good shape. During showering use the Neat Feat Foot Scrub Soap, an exfoliate soap that removes ingrained dirt and dead skin. This soap contains kiwifruit seeds and walnut crush which makes for an invigorating scrub. After bathing or showering go over areas of rough or built up skin with the Neat Feat Foot Pumice. Pumice has been used for centuries and works well after feet have been bathed in water.
After using the pumice, inspect your feet for any cracks or fissures, apply the Neat Feat Foot and Heel Balm to affected areas. Once cracks have disappeared massage in on a regular basis the Neat Feat Foot and Leg Moisturizer a rich cream that has been especially developed to repair extra dry skin.


Water, Pumice Sand, Perlite Sand, White Cement, White Ttitanium Dioxide, Sodium Silicate.


Use after bathing to remove and smooth dry hard skin.

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