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A revolutionary remedy for insect bites!

Too often we find that our nights are spoilt by mosquitoes. Itchiness resulting from bites persists for a long time and if we give in to temptation to scratch, we end up with skin irritations that can be more serious than the initial bite. To eliminate these effects, a small and very practical device called the Mosquito-Click was invented.

It functions with piezoelectricity ie. the generation of electric currents by the compression or expansion of quartz and similar crystalline substances. Mosquito-Click therefore does not need a battery to function and its small and practical size makes it convenient to carry along anywhere!

Eliminates itchiness and inflammation from mosquito, sandfly, midge bites and minor jellyfish stings in just a few clicks.

* Clinically Tested
* Suitable for children over 12 months old
* NEW Key Attachment

Hold the device like a syringe and position the narrow end on the bite. Press the button a few times. The number of clicks will differ according to the result required.

* 4 to 5 clicks to treat itching
* 10 to 15 clicks to prevent swelling

The effect of the Mosquito-Click is felt a few minutes after use.
For best results, Mosquito-Click should be used as soon as possible after an insect bite. It is therefore recommended that you carry it with you, especially during summer. Mosquito-Click is recommended for use on mosquito, sandfly, midge bites and minor jellyfish stings.

WARNING: Persons wearing cardiac devices or with a heart condition should not use this device. Mosquito-Click should only be used for adults and suitable for children over 12 months old. Mosquito-Click can be a choking hazard to children under four, please keep out of reach.


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