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Medela Personal Fit Breastshield - 27mm

Medela Personal Fit Breastshield - 27mm

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* For larger or smaller than average nipples because one size does not fit all
* Convenient for travelling or to have extras on hand for less cleaning

Available in:
* Small (21mm)
* Medium (24mm)
* Large (27mm)
* XL (30mm)
* XXL (36mm)

Choosing the right size of the PersonalFit Breastshield
A mother can easily check with five points if she is using the right breastshield size.

Breastshield Fitting

Benefits of a correct fit
A correctly fitted breastshield avoids compression of any milk ducts during pumping to ensure optimal breast emptying and maximum milk output. This will help a mother to maintain her milk production and support her lactation.

Criteria of a correct fit

With the following checklist a mother can easily check if she is using the right breastshield size
1. Center the nipple in the breastshield tunnel.
2. Turn on the pump and check the following points:

Is her nipple moving freely in the tunnel?
Is minimal or no areolar tissue being pulled into the tunnel of the breastshield?
Does she see a gentle, rhythmical motion in the breast with each cycle of the pump?
Does she feel the breast emptying all over?
Is her nipple pain-free?

If her answer to any of the above questions is "No", she should try a larger (or smaller) breastshield.
Medela's PersonalFit Breastshield is available in five different sizes.

Incorrect fit
Using a too small or too large breastshield may lead to impaired milk removal because milk ducts could get blocked or milk ejection inhibited. Over time, this can result in reduced milk output. Friction around the nipple and/or areola can cause discomfort and trauma which may cause a mother to only pump infrequently. Again, her milk production is jeopardized. Tissue breakdown due to nipple trauma carries the risk of infection and mastitis.

The mother needs a different size if the shield is...
* too small because the nipple is not moving freely in the tunnel.
* too large because too much areola is pulled into the tunnel of the breastshield.
* too large because the breastshield does not make a good seal.


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