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Medela ComfortFit Breastshield

Medela ComfortFit Breastshield

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The Medela Comfort breastshield is a replacement or upgrade breast shield for use with Medela breastpumps instead of the standard Breastshield. Particularly suitable for gentle pumping of sensitive breasts or when breastmilk is undersupplied. Made of soft silicone.

This breastshield is suitable for all medela breast pumps accept the Medela Harmony, Medela Swing MAXI and Freestyle breastpump. It comes in two pieces (funnel and connector) and includes bonus valve and 2 membranes

Please note that this is different to the ""SoftFit"" Breastshield that use to come with the Swing and Harmony pump. Medela has discontinued with the SoftFit shield and offer the Comfortfit as an alternate choice for sensitive breast/nipples and mastitis. Some users report some loss of suction using this breastshield.

The Comfortfit is soft and gentle for the breast and areola.

Together with the natural physiological suction rhythm of a Medela breastpump, it stimulates breastfeeding in an ideal manner.

The breastshield is suitable for use with the Swing, Pump in Style and Symphony only.

Upgrade for Medela single & twin breastpumps
• Supplied complete with valve assembly
• Soft silicone edging for more comfort
• Kinder to sensitive or engorged breasts

One size only 24mm (Medium)


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