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IsoWhey Complete Weight Loss - Madagascan Vanilla Sachets 32g X 7

IsoWhey Complete Weight Loss - Madagascan Vanilla Sachets 32g X 7

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IsoWhey Weight Management Program

* The IsoWhey Complete High Protein Weight Management Supplement gives you with the best form of biologically-available protein - Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate. The whey used in IsoWhey Complete has been specially processedwith ion-exchange resins at low temperatures to ensure maximum purity and the highest quality protein.

* As well as decreasing body fat, the IsoWhey Complete High Protein Management Supplement has been created to stimulate immune function, reduce bad cholesterol, improve bone health and enhance lean body mass.

* In addition to providing you with the highest quality bioavailable protein, it also supplements essential minerals like magnesium and calcium for healthy bones and muscular activity; chromium to maintain stable blood insulin and glucose levels and for managing your appetite; and potassium - which is in greater demand on high-protein diets because it facilitates energy utilisation within the body.

* The IsoWhey Complete Weight Management Program gives you a combination of high-protein (ketogenic) and low Glycaemic Index (GI) carbohydrates (fruit, vegetables, legumes) - carbohydrates that cause a slow rise in blood sugar and therefore reduce insulin levels. This helps the body in burning its fat stores, which is why these carbohydrates are referred to as catabolic.

* It is not always so much the quantity of the fats you eat but the type of fats, and in what quantities you eat them. Your body needs a balance of monounsaturated, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids to maintain health and normal weight, and to enhance fat-burning. The IsoWhey Complete Weight Management Program assists you you to eat more olive oil and omega 3 fatty acids, prevalent in fish oils - which help to stabilise insulin levels and increase your body's ability to use both fats and carbohydrates as fuel.

Instructions For The Iso-Whey Intensive weight-loss program:

1~Consume 2 sachets or 4 scoops of IsoWhey Complete per day in approx. 200ml skim/soy milk or water.

2~Your first serving (1 sachet or 2 scoops) of IsoWhey Complete is consumed at breakfast - we recommend adding berries of any type for enhanced flavour and anti-oxidant benefit.

3~Your second serving (1 sachet or 2 scoops) of IsoWhey Complete can be consumed for afternoon tea or for fast weight-loss may be used as an evening meal replacement - it's up to you if and how often you use Iso-Whey Complete as your evening meal.

4~Always prepare and consume IsoWhey Complete immediately - do not pre-prepare.

5~Your individual servings (1sachet or 2 scoops) of IsoWhey Complete are to be taken separately and at different times of the day.

6~Try to drink 8 glasses of water a day


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