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Incremin Iron Mixture 200ml

Incremin Iron Mixture 200ml

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Vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy, growing children. It is often difficult to ensure that nutritional requirements are met during each stage of childhood.

There may be periods where children dont always get what they need from their diet.

There are many causes of this, such as being a fussy or tardy eater or if they are recovering from illness. Incremin Iron Mixture can help.

Iron is an essential mineral element that helps maintain normal blood by helping to transport oxygen around the body. Incremin Iron Mixture also contains lysine, which is necessary for building new tissue, which in children is necessary for growth.

Also, Incremin Iron contains B groups vitamins, which help regulate the metabolism and convert food to energy, this being important for normal growth and development in children.

Incremin Iron Mixture is free from sugar, sweeteners, gluten and lactose and is available in 100mL and 200mL tamper evident bottles.

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