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HL7 Head Lice Conditioner 200ml

HL7 Head Lice Conditioner 200ml

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Product Information

HL 7 Natural Conditioner revitalises hair and restores the scalp after harsh lice treatment and discourages head lice between treatments

HL 7 Natural Conditioner is a specially formulated natural treatment conditioner which has 6 special functions:

1. It contains natural and organic conditioning ingredients including 12 lice repellent oils, which linger in the hair and create a discouraging environment to lice thereby helping to prevent re-infestation.
* Eucalyptus Oil * Pine Oil
* Tea Tree Oil * Lavender Oil
* Peppermint Oil * Cedar Wood Oil
* Citronella Oil * Lemon Oil
* Orange Oil * Rosemary Oil
* Aniseed Oil * Neem Oil
2. HL 7 Natural Conditioner does not contain sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, or silicones and does not cause the typical build up in hair as some conditioners do. It is designed to give deep natural moisturising and conditioning to hair and scalp after any harsh treatment.
3. HL 7 Natural Conditioner is a thick lotion, which smothers and immobilises lice. It also goes to work on the ‰Û÷cement‰۪ like substance that holds the eggs and helps loosen them from the hair shaft making them much easier to comb out with the HL 7 Lice Comb.
4. The natural detangling and conditioning formula makes fine tooth combing easier.
5. It revitalises hair and supplies special wheat protein amino acids, including cystine, for healthy looking hair. Increasing the protein cystine in your hair may help the conditioner work in synergy with the HL 7 Shampoo treatment.
6. It leaves your hair feeling beautifully soft and looking great. It also restores damaged hair and helps reduce itching due to dry skin on the scalp.


* Natural deep moisturising and conditioning agents
* Insecticide free formulation
* Blend of 12 natural essential oils to combat head lice


* Loosens ‰Û÷cement‰۪ like substance that holds eggs to hair shaft
* Helps make combing easier when using a fine tooth lice comb
* Helps reduce scalp itching
* Revitalises and restores the scalp after harsh lice treatments
* Creates ongoing discouraging environment for lice


* Helps prevent head lice re-infestation
* Helps loosen eggs when combing
* Revitalises hair and scalp after lice treatments


* Apply after using HL 7 Shampoo. Massage 30-60mL into hair.
* Use an ordinary comb to detangle hair. Leave conditioner on for 15 minutes.
* Separate hair into sections and use HL 7 Lice Comb to remove lice & nits.
* Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water. Towel dry. Do not use a hair dryer.
* As a preventative measure use weekly for up to 4 weeks.

HL7 Conditioner Directions

HL7 Conditioner Directions
You need:

* HL 7 Lice Comb.
* HL 7 Natural Conditioner.
* Box of tissues (white are best).
* Ordinary plastic hair comb.
* A towel to cover shoulders and neck whilst nit combing.

1. Apply to hair after using HL 7 Shampoo.
2. Massage slowly, approx. 30-60mL of HL 7 Natural Conditioner into hair.
3. Comb the conditioner through with an ordinary comb from the scalp to hair ends to detangle it. DO NOT DETANGLE USING THE HL7 LICE COMB. Leave for 15 minutes before starting with the HL 7 Lice Comb.
4. Separate the hair into 2cm sections. Use the HL 7 Lice Comb, to comb slowly through the hair. Choose the side (long or short teeth) that most suits your hair type. Start close to the scalp, working through to the ends.
5. Wipe the comb each time onto a tissue looking for lice and nits then comb through the next separated section.
6. Continue with the HL 7 Lice Comb and remove all lice and nits.
7. Rinse out the HL 7 Natural Conditioner with slightly warm water. Keep eyes and mouth closed whilst rinsing. To avoid rinse water running onto face, make sure water flows away from the face. If rinsing with head tilted back, you may try using a dry towel around the neck, below the hairline and one over the face.
8. Towel dry hair. DO NOT USE ARTIFICIAL HEAT eg. Hair dryer.
9. Check hair with magnifying glass, especially close to the scalp. Repeat above steps 1-7 if necessary until clear. Remember to check all family members.

We recommend that once you have completed the first treatment and removed head lice, you continue to use HL 7 Natural Conditioner every time you wash the hair. HL 7 Natural Conditioner can be used on its own as a preventative, every second day during the outbreak. This will help prevent re-infestation from other sources. Regular heavy brushing with normal brushes or combs, starting right at the scalp and around the nape of neck, is a good way of reducing lice numbers.
Although HL 7 Shampoo and HL 7 Natural Conditioner together provide a complete head lice treatment, some people would rather treat head lice in a totally natural way.

Some authorities suggest using only a conditioner and a fine tooth metal lice comb as an alternative treatment. It is more time consuming as it relies on total, very careful physical removal, to make sure all head lice and eggs are removed.
We recommend the use of HL 7 Natural Conditioner and HL 7 Lice Comb. HL 7 Natural Conditioner is unlike ordinary, everyday conditioners bought in the supermarket. Ordinary conditioners will not loosen eggs like HL 7 Natural Conditioner does. HL 7 Natural Conditioner breaks down the cement that glues nits to the hair shaft enabling them to be combed out easily. The natural detangling and conditioning formulation helps with fine tooth combing, making it easier to remove any lice and nits. HL 7 Natural Conditioner (which contains no silicone) revitalises hair and restores the scalp after head lice infestation. HL 7 Natural Conditioner also contains 12 aromatic essential oils, which linger in the hair and discourage head lice re-infestation.

1. Apply at least 60mL of HL 7 Natural Conditioner to DRY hair
2. Massage into hair ensuring that any lice are completely smothered by the HL 7 Conditioner.
3. Detangle hair using a normal comb.
4. Leave HL 7 Natural Conditioner on for at least 30 minutes to ensure suffocation of the head lice.
5. Follow steps 4-9 listed above.

Purified Water, Cetearyl Alcohol* (and) Behentrimonium Methosulphate*, Eucalyptus Oil, Pine Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Hydrolysed Wheat Protein, Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Citronella Oil, Lemon Oil, Orange Oil, Rosemary Oil, Aniseed Oil, Neem Oil, Cetomacrogol*, Dimethyl Lauramine Oleate, Sodium Benzoate Chloracetamide, Diazolidinyl Urea, Di Sodium Edetate.
* Natural, organic or naturally derived ingredients. Contains no harmful chemicals

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