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Head & Shoulders Shampoo Anti-Dandruff For Men Hair Retain 200 ml

Head & Shoulders Shampoo Anti-Dandruff For Men Hair Retain 200 ml

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Because having hair won't go out of fashion
Hairstyles go out of fashion - but having hair won't.

For whatever hairstyle you want in the future you'll need to retain you hair. So, Head and Shoulders have created a new anti-dandruff shampoo for men: Hair Retain.

After all, having hair won't go out of fashion.

Men's Hair Myths & Facts

Myth: Frequent shampooing will make your hair fall out
If you find hairs in your sink after washing, those hairs were already lose and ready to be shed. Washing you hair merely dislodges them.

Myth: Washing hair increases dandruff
Washing hair less frequently means you are not removing the oils and sebum that causes dandruff. A particular type of yeast reacts with the skin to cause dandruff, and this yeast thrives in oily conditions. Wash your hair daily to best keep dandruff at bay.

Myth: Cutting your hair makes it thicker
No, the density of our hair stays the same. It might feel thicker because the ends are now blunt and less split.

Fact: Dandruff can cause hair damage

One impact of dandruff is that sufferers scratch extensively to rid themselves of the itch. Over time, this scratching causes serious damage to the hair surface, making it prone to dullness and breakage.

Fact: You can make your hair look thicker!

Getting the right hair cut, using the right styling products and a shampoo designed specifically for men can make your hair look thicker and healthier.


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