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Forelife! Natal Care Cap X 60 (OUT OF STOCK)

Forelife! Natal Care Cap X 60 (OUT OF STOCK)

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Active Ingredients:
Ginger root
- relieves morning sickness symptoms.

Withania root - used to prevent illness in pregnancy. It is rich in iron and raises blood
levels of haemoglobin and red blood cells.

Folic acid and Vitamin B12 - essential for DNA synthesis and the growth of new cells.
Folic acid must be taken for at least one month before conception. If a woman is low in folate at the time of conception, the embryo is at high rick of birth defects including neural tube defects (spina bifi da) etc.

B vitamins - essential for cell growth.

Vitamin C - essential in the structure of collagen, a major component of soft tissue.

Vitamin D - essential for calcium metabolism and bone development.

Vitamin K - essential for the production of clotting factors.

Zinc - essential for cell division and healthy growth of the embryo.

Iodine - essential for thyroid function.

Chromium and Manganese - can protect against glycemic imbalances.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids - in fl axseed oil - cruicial in the development of the baby's brain, and the retina of the eye.

Directions for use:
Take 2 capsules twice daily with meals



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