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Footsies Foot Patches Xtra X 20

Footsies Foot Patches Xtra X 20

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We can take positive steps every single day to help us wake up looking revitalised. The unique Footsies range is enriched with a very selective high quality wood and bamboo vinegar.

Following the Footsies program helps cleanse the body with toxins being released through the soles of your feet and absorbed by Footsies.

And all just while you sleep...
Nothing could be eaiser...

Why Footsies?

Footsies are a revolutionary innovative foot patch exclusively formulated and produced by a Japanese Pharmaceutical Manufacturer. You can sleep easy knowing you have selected the highest quality foot patches available.

The Footsies Program harnesses the power of traditional Eastern therapies, mixes them together with Eastern herbs and unites with today's most advanced scientific innovations to complement the body's own healing potential.

Footsies are the easy to use toxic absorbing patch.

Embrace the power of nature, restore the body's own healing powers and place the body into a calm and relaxed state. By stimulating the reflexology points and increasing the blood circulation following the Footsies Program comprises one of the most proactive and convenient ways to jump start a healthier looking you.

Make Footsies your BEST Partner in Bed.

* Xtra: contains red pepper for extra strength.Recommended for users who have previously complete detox programs and looking for that extra strength


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