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Foltene Supplement For Men & Women 100ml

Foltene Supplement For Men & Women 100ml

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How Can I Improve My Hair?

  •  Foltene is recommended for men and women with sparse, damaged, limp or lifeless hair, or simply individuals wishing to deeply condition their hair with luxurious ingredients.


  •  From our mid-twenties, our hair gradually declines, with both the hair and scalp receiving less nourishment. Hair becomes weaker, loses lustre and is more easily damaged. Hair loses body and can become less plentiful, with diet, stress and environment all contributing.


  • In women, it can be even more dramatic as hair is subjected to biological changes and chemical damage caused by colouring, perming and styling, in turn causing visible, long-lasting damage, such as breakage or split ends.

Foltene Supplement for Men and Women is the product of choice for men as it addresses the lack of nutrition moving into the hair follicle as a result of interaction between the androgen hormones and enzymes in the male body. This causes a starvation problem in the hair bulb when the new hair is forming resulting in a hair of poor quality and eventually the death of the follicle .

This supplement is also the choice for women who are post menopausal as the balance of hormones in the female body changes with the reduction of estrogen at this stage in a woman's life and the androgen factor comes into play.

It is also the product to use for both men and women in cases of temporary hair fallout as a result of severe stress or illness.


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