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Ego Resolve Nappy Rash 100g

Ego Resolve Nappy Rash 100g

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Resolve Nappy Rash is formulated for the effective treatment of fungal infected nappy rash.

* Zinc oxide helps soothe, heal and protect the infected area.
* The ointment base is easy to apply to inflamed skin and forms a protective barrier.
* Low irritant formula.
* Free from fragrance, lanolin, propylene glycol, colour and preservatives.

Miconazole 0.25% w/w. Zinc Oxide 15 % w/w.

Resolve Nappy Rash should be particularily applied at night when there is prolonged exposure to wet nappies. Continue treatment for 7 days after nappy rash has cleared to ensure complete treatment.

15g tube
100g tube

Always read the label. Use only as directed.
If symptoms persist please see your healthcare professional.

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