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Dr Red Spearole Tea 150g (OUT OF STOCK)

Dr Red Spearole Tea 150g (OUT OF STOCK)

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Each cup of SPEAROLE Tea contains the antioxidants of 3 whole cups of tea (Spearmint, Olive Leaf and Green Tea) and a glass of Red Wine. A refreshing spearmint tea highly concentrated with a diverse array of antioxidants. Each 150 gram pack makes 100 cups of tea.

Scientists at The University of Queensland have made remarkable progress with this powerful food concept that boasts an array of powerful antioxidants from superfoods.

The approach was to test individual antioxidant beverages and combinations in the laboratory and then determine the optimal formula.

Brewing Instructions: Brew using one level teaspoon (1.5 grams dry weight) of SPEAROL E per cup. For best results steep no longer than two minutes.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Olive Leaf, Oil of Spearmint, Grape Skins, Grape Seeds, Spearmint Sprouts

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