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Dick Wicks Activease PLUS Magnetic Elbow Support (One Size)

Dick Wicks Activease PLUS Magnetic Elbow Support (One Size)

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Four-in-One Pain Relief for Elbows

ActiveasePLUS is the most advanced range of neoprene body supports available on the market today.

This superior Elbow support combines the Compressive long-term support of Seamless Neoprene, with the relieving therapy of Dick Wicks Power Magnets, AND the flexibility to include a reusable Hot/Cold Gel Pack.

Strap the heated gel pack anywhere around your Elbow underneath your ActiveasePLUS support, and feel the pain and stiffness of arthritic conditions ebb away; or simply keep the gel pack in your freezer (remains soft when frozen), and use it under your support when acute injuries arise or when you want to cool down your elbows after exercise.

* Firm, comfortable Neoprene Support
* Dick Wicks Magnetic Pain Relief (18 Dick Wicks power magnets, 1000 Gauss each)
* Hot Pack Therapy for stiffness / arthritis
* Cold Gel Therapy to cool your elbow down after exercise or injury
* FREE Terry-Cotton Pouch Included for Gel Pack



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