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Bosisto's Eucalyptus Inhalant 200ml

Bosisto's Eucalyptus Inhalant 200ml

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Special Features
*Strong, long lasting vapours for use in steam vaporisers and inhalers
*Natural fragrance that gently soothes and comforts
*A special formula that can be either added directly to water or into the medication cup
*Mixing inhalant in water makes it safer to use in a vaporiser to avoid 'finger dipping'
*For added safety, contains a bitterant to deter young children from ingesting
*Can be used as often as required

Bosisto's EucoSteam Inhalant is a unique eucalyptus-based inhalant which can be added directly to water or
the vaporiser cup. The soothing steam vapours penetrate nasal and throat passages quickly and safely to gently calm and soothe. Besides being safer to use, EucoSteam Inhalant mixed in the water enhances and prolongs the action of the steam vapours. All essential oils are uniformly vaporised in the steam. Breathe easier, sleep better with Bosisto's EucoSteam Inhalant.

Each 1mL of Bosisto's EucoSteam Inhalant contains:
*Eucalyptus Oil 150mg
*Peppermint Oil 20mg
*Lavender Oil 5mg
*Oil of Wintergreen 5mg

The slow release propylene glycol base ensure Bosisto's EucoSteam Inhalant vaporises slowly and evenly for maximum relief over a long period.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. For use in steam only. Not to be taken. Contains bitterant to avoid accidental ingestion. Use only as directed.

Directions for Use
Shake well before using
-Steam Vaporiser
In water: Pour 10mL inhalant into water container. Add water to fill level.
-In medication cup: Pour inhalant into cup. Use fresh EucoSteam each time the vaporiser is used.

Steam Inhaler or Basin
Pour in hot water. Add 1mL of inhalant to each 250mL of water used or 4mL (one teaspoon) per litre. Breathe in vapours. To increase fragrance, add more EucoSteam
as required.

Always read the label. Use only as directed.
If symptoms persist please see your doctor.


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