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Blackmores Executive B Stress Tab X 175

Blackmores Executive B Stress Tab X 175

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General Information
Executive B Stress Formula 

A vitamin and mineral supplement containing herbs which may be beneficial in times of physical and emotional stress. 

Features and benefits 

High potency nutritional supplement 
Sustained release formula supplies nutrients gradually over a six hour period

How it works 

The B group of vitamins are essential for the healthy function of the nervous system and may be beneficial at times of increased physical or mental demand. The herbs passion flower and oats have traditionally been used in insomnia and restlessness, and are noted for their relaxing and calming properties. Potassium and magnesium phosphates are traditionally indicated for the temporary relief of symptoms of stress and anxiety, including sleep disturbance, irritability and hyperactivity. 
The sustained release system used by Blackmores is based on a unique plant gum matrix, using guar gum from the seeds of a legume. The sustained release principle involves the leaching of vitamins and minerals from the tablet `core' as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract.

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