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Blackmores FLEXI by Impromy Assorted Meal Replacement Shakes 12 Pack

Blackmores FLEXI by Impromy Assorted Meal Replacement Shakes 12 Pack

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The Flexi variety pack is the perfect way to try all the Flexi Flavours. This packs includes 3 x French vanilla, 3 x Strawberries and Cream, 3 x Double Choc and 3 x Iced coffee shakes. The Flexi shakes feature only the highest grade ingredients. High grade protein as well as our unique fibre blend that ensures optimum health and keep your fuller longer. Nutritionally complete they also feature a wider array of Vitamin and minerals to ensure you can look and feel your best!

Enjoy your favourite foods while losing weight with Flexi. CSIRO clinical trials averaging 11% total weight loss over 16 weeks. This innovative new flexible weight loss program helps you lose the extra kilos, but not the pleasure. Every day includes free foods as well as Flexi shakes and one day a week devoted to eating your favourite foods. The program is flexible, simple to follow and instantly rewarding to ensure you lose the fat, not the fun. - Flexi is Clinically tested by and developed in collaboration with CSIRO.
Great tasting shakes in an array of flavours. These shakes meet and exceed the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) requirements and taste fantastic. You can rest assured you are putting only the best into your body. A unique way to lose weight that is completely personalised, offers variety, clinically proven effective weight loss results and a day each week to enjoy whatever foods you like! No other program offers this level of flexibility and personalisation! An exclusively developed cookbook featuring a huge array of amazing dietitian curated recipes as well an a huge selection of fasting day meals (yes, you even get to eat on the fasting days!). A world class digital support portal - the exclusive to Flexi member portal offers intelligent digital weight loss consultations, develops your individualised weight loss program and modifies it for you as you progress on your weight loss journey, offers quick insights into your progress, features a support forum as well as huge amounts of health, wellness and weight loss guidance and advice.

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