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Bioglan Red Krill Oil Triple Action 500mg 60C

Bioglan Red Krill Oil Triple Action 500mg 60C

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What makes Bioglan Red Krill oil so unique is that the important nutrients including Omega-3 are carried by phospholipids. Omega-3's in phospholipid form are thought to be easily absorbed by the body.

Bioglan Red Krill Oil has no fishy aftertaste, is super small and is thought to be an easily absorbable form of Omega-3.

  • Krill oil can help support general wellbeing & joint inflammation.
  • Krill oil helps support heart and cardiovascular health which is important for our overall wellbeing. Krill oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA, which help support cardiovascular health.
  • Krill oil is a great source of phospholipids, Omega-3 essential fatty acids and is known to naturally contain antioxidants including Astaxanthin, a red coloured carotenoid that provides the red colour of Krill.
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