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Betaglucare Nordic Oats Sachets 25g X 28

Betaglucare Nordic Oats Sachets 25g X 28

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Betaglucare is an oat based food made from made high quality Scandinavian oats, rich in beta-glucan. It is available in either a crisp heart or powder form. When eaten daily in the required quantity, it reduces your LDL cholesterol and reduces blood glucose levels after meals.

The natural healthy way to:

  • Reduce cholesterol*
  • Reduce blood glucose levels after meals**

Betaglucare is an excellent complement to medications, progress should be monitored in consultation with your doctor, diabetic nurse or dietitian.

If you are looking for a natural food that will help reduce your cholesterol, Betaglucare can be included as part of a healthy diet low in saturated fats. Betaglucare can also reduce your blood glucose levels after meals.

  • The crispy oat hearts have a pleasant taste ideal as a breakfast on its own with milk or you can add fresh fruit, yoghurt or your favourite breakfast cereal.
  • Betaglucare is also rich in fibre so it's great for gut health, it's also low GI food in itself.
  • It's so easy - just one sachet a day as part of your daily routine.

How It Works

Reducing LDL cholesterol

Betaglucare contains a soluble fibre from oats, called beta-glucan. When eaten, the beta-glucan dissolves and forms a gel which binds with bile acid in the digestive system. Bile acid contains LDL cholesterol – or the 'bad' cholesterol.

Normally this cholesterol would be re-absorbed into the body during digestion however by binding with the bile acid the gel prevents re-absorption of the LDL cholesterol, thereby reducing your cholesterol levels.

In addition, the liver then extracts LDL (bad) cholesterol from the bloodstream to produce replacement bile acid. This has the effect of further reducing LDL cholesterol levels.

Reducing blood glucose levels after meals

When Betaglucare reaches the stomach it forms a viscous gel. This gel forms a thin layer inside the small intestine which slows down the uptake of carbohydrates.

This leads to lower postprandial blood glucose and lower blood insulin after eating.

The Importance of Quality

A recent international study confirmed that high quality oats are even more effective than first thought at reducing cholesterol. The study concluded that cholesterol reductions are between 50 to 100% higher than those published in previous studies as molecular weight wasn't considered before.

Molecular weight is influenced by the climate in which the oats are grown. The oats in Betaglucare are sourced from Scandinavian countries where growing conditions are ideal due to the temperate climate, high rainfall and extended growing season in this region.

In simple terms the higher the quality of the oat, the higher the molecular weight and corresponding thickness of the gel that forms in the gut.

It's this thickness, or viscosity that makes it more effective in binding with bile acid and reducing cholesterol. Betaglucare contains the highest molecular weight beta-glucan available, many times higher than regular breakfast oats!

Directions For Use

Blood Glucose Management: Eat before or with meals.

When Betaglucare reaches the stomach it forms a viscousgel. By lining the intestinal walls with this thick gel, the absorption of carbohydrates from accompanying foods is slowed and the blood glucose curve is therefore flattened.

The crispy oat hearts have a pleasant taste, they are ideal as a low GI breakfast on its own with milk or you can add fresh fruit, yoghurt or your favourite breakfast cereal.

Nutritional Information

(servings per pack: 28) Quantity
(per 25 g serving)
(per 100 g serving)
(per 25 gm serving)
Energy kJ 294 1171.8 3.4
Protein g 4.25 17.0 8.5
Total Carbohydrate g 10.55 42.2 3.4
- Sugars (Fructose) g 0.73 2.92 0.8
Total Fat 0.85 3.4 1.2
- Saturated Fat g 0.17 0.68 0.7
- Unsaturated Fat g 0.42 1.68 -
Dietary Fibre g 6.6 26.4 22
- Beta-glucan g 3 12 -
Sodium 0 0 0


"My cholesterol has consistently been high since 2008, even when I was in peak performance as a marathon runner. I've always been active and eaten well but unfortunately, I've inherited the cholesterol from my father. Nothing I have tried to date has worked and my cholesterol has consistently been in the high 6 range. On the 24th of August 2016, my cholesterol reading was 7.6 and I was worried. I started betaglucare on the 27th August 2016 once a day in my porridge of a morning. On the 12th of October 2016, my cholesterol reading was 6.1. I was amazed to see a huge drop without changing my lifestyle. I can't wait to see the results after three month. I might just for once in my life fit into the ideal cholesterol range. Thanks Betaglucare, I've recommended the product to all my friends and family. I'm so impressed!"

- Danielle from Macquarie Park NSW

"A few months ago my Cholesterol level had gone up to 9.1:-( I have never been able to control it with diet or exercise alone and I do take several supplements with limited success. On my Pharmacists recommendation, I started using Betaglucare hearts nearly a month ago and my Cholesterol has already dropped to 4.8 which I am over the moon about. I mix them with a small amount of yoghurt and have that as a mid-afternoon treat. I still can't believe the results myself and the only thing I have changed is to add Betaglucare. I am super happy with the results I have achieved. Thank you Betaglucare."

- Margaret from Raglan, Victoria

"I have been using Betaglucare both oats and powder since mid 2014. Six months after being diagnosed with Pre Diabetes my Doctor was amazed with the turnaround of my cholesterol and sugar levels. I no longer had diabetes. He asked how I made this happen so quickly I said ‘Betaglucare'. He wrote down the name of the product and said that he would recommend it to his patients. I continue to use the product as I have a family history of diabetes."


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