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Avent Niplette X 1

Avent Niplette X 1

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For the permanent correction of flat or inverted nipples

A delicate problem...

Inverted or non-protractile nipples are an unattractive reality for large numbers of women, causing psychological distress and making breastfeeding difficult for mother and baby. Inverted nipples occur because of short lactiferous (milk- bearing) ducts which tether the nipple and prevent it projecting.

Until recently, the only effective method of correction was surgery -involving sectioning of the lactiferous ducts under anaesthetic. Though surgery achieves cosmetic correction, it effectively destroys breast function and therefore rules out breastfeeding for good. High costs also make it a less than ideal solution. Other traditional treatments have involved the use of 'breast shells' or 'Hoffman's exercises'. In trials, both these methods have been found to be at best, ineffectual and uncomfortable, at worst harmful.

Method of use

The Niplette is simple and painless and can be used by women of any age. It uses the principle of tissue expansion, achieved in this case through long term suction to stretch the lactiferous ducts. It tucks discreetly inside the bra and can be worn day and/or night.

The speed of correction achieved depends on the degree of inversion, the state of the individual's muscle tissue and the rate of wear. A permanent correction is normally achieved in between one and three months of continuous use. Ideally, it should be worn in 8-hour periods per day or night. Should any later tendency to retract be seen, the Niplette can be safely applied again from time to time.

Breastfeeding made easier

Women who are concerned that they might find breastfeeding difficult can use the Niplette in the first six months of pregnancy. If the breasts are too sensitive during pregnancy, it can be used after the birth of the baby, for a few minutes only, before each feed. The Niplette will suck the nipple out enabling the baby to latch on easily. Used for the first few days it will help get breastfeeding established.

When the milk supply is plentiful, the Niplette's suction will be impaired. However, by that time the baby will be used to feeding and will be able to suck the nipple out itself. Once breastfeeding is over, the Niplette can then be used to achieve a permanent correction.

...A simple solution

The Niplette is a revolutionary device invented by Douglas McGeorge FRCS (Plast), a leading UK plastic surgeon.

The Niplette consists of a transparent nipple mould with a sealing flange, attached to a valve and a syringe port. It works by applying gentle suction to the inverted nipple. When held over the nipple, air can be withdrawn from the mould using the small syringe, and the inverted nipple is 'sucked out' into it. The rate of suction is controlled by the woman herself, depending on what is comfortable. The Niplette works because sustained suction gently stretches the lactiferous ducts, which hold the nipple 'in'. Because there is no need for duct division, breast function is not altered and therefore breastfeeding is possible.

Clinically proven

Clinical trials have been carried out on the Niplette in the UK, France and Holland. All have proved successful in achieving a permanent correction to flat or inverted nipples, whether the condition existed since puberty, or was as a result of breast reduction surgery. Provided they had not undergone breast surgery, pregnant women who had been concerned about breastfeeding all went on to breastfeed successfully.


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