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Avent Natural Feeding Bottle (Blue) 125ml X 2

Avent Natural Feeding Bottle (Blue) 125ml X 2

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Philips AVENT has developed their new Natural teat to more closely mimic drinking from the breast, since it has been designed to respond to the infant's natural suckling behaviour as accurately as possible.

The size and shape of the teat closely resembles the breast to encourage a wide open mouth for a proper latch-on. This allows the infant to employ its normal peristaltic tongue movement to both strip the teat and create an intra-oral vacuum to extract the milk from the bottle, similar to what has been observed in clinical studies on breastfeeding.

Natural shape – for a natural latch on

The wide breast-shaped teat promotes natural latch on similar to the breast making it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding.

Unique comfort petals – for an extra soft, flexible teat

The uniquely designed petals provide the teat with sufficient flexibility such that it is soft yet firm, like a breast. The firmness of the teat minimises teat collapse and allows for uninterrupted milk flow.

Innovative valve design – advanced anti-colic system

Innovative twin valve design reduces colic and discomfort by allowing air to flow into the bottle, not baby's tummy.


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