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Amazonia Acai Berry Powder 700 g

Amazonia Acai Berry Powder 700 g

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Acai Berry Powder 100% Pure.

Superfood 1 with the antioxidant equivalent as over 400 Blueberries in one 5g (teaspoon) serve.

That means you would need to purchase 11200 Blueberries to get the same amount of active antioxidants found in this one tub of Acai powder.

Acai also contains over 16 DIFFERENT TYPES OF ANTIOXIDANTS and phytonutrients.

Another amazing fact is that ‰ÛÏAcai has EVERY ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT required for humans‰۝ and people in the amazon have been living healthily on nothing but Acai berries.

With the taste of chocolate and berries this powder can be added to just about anything.

Serving suggestions:
Add 5 grams (heaped teaspoon) of powder to juice, smoothie, water, yogurt, or sprinkle over cereal.

Dried Acai Berries (Absolutely nothing added).


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