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Atkins Day Break Bar Cappuccino Nut 37g X 5

Atkins Day Break Bar Cappuccino Nut 37g X 5

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Day Break

Atkins Day Break bars make the perfect, sweet snack, any time of day, which helps you stick with the Atkins plan and keep getting closer to your goals. And with plenty of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, Day Break makes an ideal meal replacement or on-the-go snack.

Atkins Day Break bars are incredibly delicious. They feature the morning's favourite flavours. But what makes these bars extra special is, they're all packed with Atkins nutrition - that means high protein, low sugar and zero trans fats.

Cappuccino Bar - Leave it to Atkins to combine cappuccino taste and incredible nutrition. This bar is rich, chewy and
amazing. As good as the real thing, but healthy.

12-14g Protein
1g Sugars
Only 2g Net Carbs*

This product can be used in all phases of the Atkins Diet.

*Counting Carbs - The net carb count helps you count carbs that impact blood sugar. Good carbs have a lower blood sugar impact

At Atkins, we believe in helping you live the best life you possibly can. And it all starts with the Atkins Nutritional Approach it gives you the power to eat right, lose weight and keep the weight off for a lifetime of healthy living.

When you eat too many carbohydrates (carbs), your body burns some of those carbs for energy and stores the excess carbs as fat. When you eat fewer carbs - especially white flour and sugar, your body begins burning fat as its primary fuel source.

The Atkins Nutritional Approach is a powerful, long-term plan for weight loss and weight management that works unlike any diet you've ever seen or tried. Atkins is a totally different way to look at food - it will show you that eating the right foods can actually change the way your body works - change you from a fat-storing to a fat-burning machine. Throw in some essential, yet fun, activity and you're on your way to the sexy results you've always wanted.

That's how Atkins works - you learn to eat the right foods and change your body from a carb-burning to a fat-burning machine.

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