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Endura Creatine Plus 500g

Endura Creatine Plus 500g

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Anabolic Muscle Growth Formula

Keep your muscles working from start to finish

Endura™ Creatine Plus is a scientific combination of nutrients which enhances beneficial changes in body composition. Endura™ Creatine Plus is useful either before, during and/or after sustained strenuous exercise to help increase lean body mass and muscle strength.

99.9% Pharmaceutical Grade Creatine

Endura™ Creatine Plus contains creatine monohydrate. Our pure quality creatine is sourced from thiourea which is fully converted to 99.9% creatine and contains no unreacted contaminants.

Glutamine Growth Factors

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body. It is easily depleted in muscles when resistance training is undertaken and thus supplemental glutamine may be beneficial in times of strength training.

HMB Power

HMB is an anticatabolic nutritional factor which helps promote muscle mass. When supplemented in the diet and combined with proper strength or resistance training it may enhance beneficial changes in body composition. HMB may help increase upper body strength and minimise muscle damage when combined with an exercise program. It also helps reduce the risk of exercise induced damage.

Directions for use

Adults: Take one rounded metric teaspoon (7.5 g) daily, mixed into food, water or juice, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Seek professional advice before long-term use. Do not use if cap and/or bottle seals are missing or broken. This product is sold by weight not volume. Some settling may occur.

Store below 30°C.

Flavours and sizes

Orange 210 g & 500 g

Product Ingredients

Each 7.5 g dose contains:

Creatine monohydrate 3.0 g
Glutamine 2.0 g
Calcium beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate 1.0 g

Inactives: Fructose, sucralose and flavour (orange).

Contains No: Wheat, eggs, soy, yeast, artificial colours or preservatives.


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