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SOLUTIONS 4 HEALTH Wild Oregano Oil 50ml

SOLUTIONS 4 HEALTH Wild Oregano Oil 50ml

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SOLUTIONS 4 HEALTH Oil of Wild Oregano 50ml

By Lesley Braun B.Pharm, Dip.App.Sci.NAT, Grad Dip.Phyto, PhD   According to the Western herbal medicine tradition, oregano has been used as an expectorant and natural antibiotic to treat cough and as a digestive stimulant to alleviate dyspepsia and increase appetite. Its antibacterial properties have also been used to treat skin and gastrointestinal infections. Additionally, it has been used for menstrual conditions such as period pain. Like all herbs, oregano has several other names. It is also known as origanum, mountain mint, wild or winter marjoram, wintersweet and carvacrol. More recently, the essential oil of wild oregano has become popular and found to contain many active ingredients. One of the most important is carvacrol. Carvacrol-containing essential oils such as oregano are biostatic or biocidal against many bacteria, yeasts and fungi

Each bottle comes with a glass dropper and contains guaranteed Wild Oil of Oregano in a base of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

May be used as a tonic for general health.

Traditional used for:

  • Relief of Rheumatic pain
  • Respiratory conditions associated with symptoms of cold and flu
  • Treatment of fungal infections
  • Helpful for gastrointestinal health
  • Aids digestion & circulation
  • Potent source of Carvacrol which possesses anti-bacterial properties
  • Helpful as an immune boost

Adults: 1 - 5 drops in juice 3 times daily
Children: Apply a drop or two under the soles of feet.

Product Ingredients

Organic Oregano Oil and Olive Oil.

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