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freezeframe Rosehip Pro 25ml

freezeframe Rosehip Pro 25ml

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General Information

You've heard of SUPERFOODS... NOW, Discover the new SUPER OILS for Advanced Skin & Hair Regeneration!

Advanced Moisturisation & Cellular Repair with Anti - Pollution Technology, Antioxidant, and both Oxygen (ROS) & Nitrogen (RNS) Free Radical Protection.

Carefully selected for their clinical proven skin benefits and combined at optimal levels to produce clinical results, our oils tell the story of beautiful skin, hair & nails
ROSEHIP PRO is a powerful blend of the world's most potent active oils including Rosehip oil, the breakthrough new anti-aging discovery Cacay oil and the world's most potent plant source of Omega 3 Inca Inchi. Acai, Tomato and Cranberry seed oil add to the powerful antioxidant cocktail whilst Pracaxi oil provides clinically proven brightening for a radiant, even toned complexion.
The addition of Ayurvedic herb Swertia Chirata, a stem cell & growth factor powerhouse, plus powerful anti-pollution technology, takes this Super Oil Blend to the next level, delivering world leading, clinically proven antioxidant, free radical anti-pollution protection.


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