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freezeframe Revitaleyes Mask

freezeframe Revitaleyes Mask

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General Information

From the Creators of Australia's No.1 selling eye treatment: Revitaleyes comes
Revitaleyes Mask - a flash effect, biocellulose power mask for targeted treatment of deep wrinkles, chronic puffiness and serious dark circles.

What is it? A Flash Mask and Power treatment in one, delivers Instant Results plus Clinical Eye Repair for Deep Wrinkles, Chronic Puffiness and Serious Dark Circles

What does it do? Provides a power treatment for all 3 signs of eye aging and instantly melts away wrinkles and brightens and tightens the whole eye area.

The Instant Flash Effect - You'll see up to 50% of your wrinkles disappear by the time you take this incredible mask off.  Our topical micro injection technology delivers a double dose of anti wrinkle action with both a muscle freezing and a topical filling effect. Eyes are brighter, lifted and more awake, with light diffusing technology providing a visible decrease in puffiness and dark circles. These incredible instant results last up to 24 hours - so you won’t have a cinderella moment.

Long Term Clinical Result: Each treatment delivers a power surge of Revitaleyes' famous tri-peptide action on deep wrinkles, chronic puffiness and serious dark circles, infusing the entire eye area with a triple dose of this proven age fighting technology.

What you need to know: Now you can treat all 3 major eye agers with a clinical power dose of our famous 3 peptide blend + Vitamin C, and get an instant effect flash treatment at the same time! This second skin eye mask is made from a unique Biocellulose - natures tiniest organic fibres which attract and hold 200 times its weight in liquid, allowing us to create the most powerful Revitaleyes treatment to date - delivering more high technology actives, at higher levels treat serious dark circles, chronic puffiness and deep resistant wrinkles faster, and more effectively than ever before

1 mask treatment contains the power of an entire bottle of Revitaleyes, & then some…  Superior liquid retention left us room to add powerful, clinically proven ingredients which deliver the ultimate beauty prize - a dramatic instant effect on wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles - whilst bathing the eyes in a relaxing, refreshing moisture surge! Delivery is enhanced by the Biocellulose second skin, hugging every curve and crevice. Once applied, it "pushes" downward into even the deepest crevices and wrinkles and pushing the serum deeper than ever before possible.

Delivers concentrated clinical eye repair right where you need it! Our unique Fish Tail shape ensures your whole eye area experiences the instant and long term power by treating both your upper and lower eye area at once, and covering crow’s feet completely.  


Apply once or twice a week for 15 minutes or more. Peel off one side of the backing and apply to eye by placing the round area on the temple (covering crows feet), and smoothing the fishtail first along the upper and the lower eye contour area.  Peel away the top layer of the backing (it may be helpful to separate the backing a little prior to application). The mask will form a second skin allowing you to move about freely one applied. To remove, start at the temple hold skin directly under mask with one hand, whilst you gently and slowly peel away from the skin.  Pat any remaining serum into the skin.

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