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freezeframe Instant V-Lift 30ml

freezeframe Instant V-Lift 30ml

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General Information

INSTANT V-LIFT is clinically proven to firm and lift the jawline in just 30 minutes, for a more youthful V-Contour effect that lasts all day.
At the same time, powerful ingredients from the depths of the ocean continue to work daily to tighten tissue deep within the skin providing a long term lift for a youthful jawline that lasts.

  • Can also be used to tighten and firm a saggy neck for an instant and long term neck lifting action.
  • With anti-wrinkle and deep moisturizing activity, INSTANT VLIFT can provide lifting, smoothing and anti-aging benefits to the entire face.
  • V-Lift is instant, you will see V-LIFT work within 30 minutes as well as long term
  • Within 28 days an overall improvement in firmness, radiance of the skin and skin will be significantly more hydrated and lifted.
  • Unique clinically proven ingredients that work on the jaw-line, a unique point of difference on the market.
  • Can be used not only on the jawline, but all over the face, and around the eye area.


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