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freezeframe Collagenesis Day and Night Cream

freezeframe Collagenesis Day and Night Cream

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v-contour face lift with up to 96% visible wrinkle reduction


Discover the 24 hour collagen cocktail which boosts collagen and elastin around the clock and is clinically proven to reduce visible wrinkles by up to 96%


Our anti-glycation complex breaks down the AGEs which damage collagen, reversing glycation by 20 years!

You might know that many of the signs of aging skin are due to a breakdown in collagen. What you might not know is that much of that breakdown is due to Glycation - a process whereby sugar created AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products) attach to collagen and elastin proteins in a process called "cross-linking", which reduces their flexibily and functionality and results in the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, discolouration and aged looking skin.

New research reveals the synergy of 2 natural "AGE-breaker" like actives can reverse visible signs of glycation damage in the skin

AGE-breakers are compounds which can break the AGE/cross-linking cycle. COLLAGENESIS DAY & NIGHT contains an exclusive complex of ingredients including a breakthrough combination of Red Sage Extract and Niacinamide, which has chemical properties close to known AGE breakers. In the most thorough research ever performed on an anti-glycation skin care product, this combination has been clinically proven to help correct the visible signs of glycation with clinical trials intubo, invitro and invivo. The exciting results showed a reversal of the visible impact of glycation equivalent to 20 years in just 4 months.

How reversing 20 years glycation can make a complexion look 17 years younger

One of the visible signs of glycation damage is a dull, grey or yellow skin tone. COLLAGENESIS DAY & NIGHT is proven to bring back a bright, youthful skin tone. Studies showed that skin colour and tone was renewed up to 17 years. The anti-glycation power of COLLAGENESIS DAY & NIGHT stops to the cross linking of collagen and elastin so that they perform the way they were meant to and provide a strong dermal matrix of firm, smooth, tight and bright skin. But it goes a step further than that to create a collagen cocktail unlike any other.

The secret ingredient that makes Japanese women look 10 years younger

Scientists have shown that Asian women age an average of 10 years slower than western women and the reason is thought to be the cultural knowledge of the benefits of marine collagen, both taken internally and used topically. The problem with topical collagen to date has been the large molecular size, but COLLAGENESSIS DAY & NIGHT uses a low weight, bioavailable form of Marine Collagen Peptide for superior absorbability and results.

Plus collagen boosting peptides, hydrating oligosacharides and vitamin C for clinically proven results like these:

Just what does undoing 20 years glycation damage look like?

  • Up to 96% wrinkle reduction
  • Triples collagen production
  • Boosts hydration and increases hyaluronic acid by up to 90.5%
  • Dramatic lifting and firming in 28 days
  • A return of a tight jawline/youthful V - Contour
  • Anti-yellowing and anti dullness with skin tone looking up to 17 years younger

For best results, use in conjunction with COLLAGENESIS INSIDE OUT Marine Collagen Peptide Supplement and COLLAGENESIS O2 MASK.


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